St. Simon’s Sunset


Back from St. Simon’s Island! We had a great 2-day shoot there and are currently in post working on our first webisode of The Haunted Seas. We initially intended to tell the story of the haunted lighthouse, but we heard so many great tales and met so many interesting people that we wound up with three stories – not just the lighthouse but “Mary the Wanderer” and the mystery of Igbo Landing. Full webisode is coming soon!

Photo above is the sunset off the landing near the Lighthouse, looking towards the St. Simon’s Pier. Below, some of the ancient live oaks near the keeper’s cottage at the lighthouse.

You can also see a short video we made for Instagram here.


Photo of the Week: Fall, in full color

The weather has finally taken a serious turn for fall. When I photographed this brilliant Japanese Maple, the backlighting made it seem like the tree was on fire. Time to break out the cozy clothes and fill the tank for the fireplace….

IMG_4017 copy

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Photo of the Week: Fall, At Last!




The weather is finally cooling down, even for us in the south, and the trees are starting to turn. Some of the most dramatic trees in Atlanta are the Ginkos, which turn sunshine yellow and then drop their leaves all at once, like a housewife with an armful of packages. This photo is from last fall, when the Ginkos by my old house put on a spectacular show.