More Puerto Rico… bookended

CH post

A couple more pics from my recent trip to Puerto Rico, from opposite points of the west side of the Island… really I don’t know why people from the US aren’t all over PR. I don’t know if it’s because in theory the island is a part of the US so people think it’s not very exotic (I regularly meet folks that think Puerto Rico is right next to the Bahamas; in fact it’s closer to Venezuela than the states) or what, but it’s seriously one of the prettiest places with some of the nicest people, and the best pizza because everyone has lived in New York for five years and GETS pizza. And when I meet people from Puerto Rico they always seem slightly embarrassed to tell me where they’re from, but as soon as they realize I love the island (I’m usually on them like a puppy on a chew toy: “Do you know Isabella? Do you go to Mona?”) they light up and start talking about what a great place it is to live. Odd.

And you don’t need a passport to get there, for those of you who want to start traveling but don’t have the magic blue book yet.

Anyway, top photo from a little beachfront park in Aguada, which is at the far northwest-ish corner of the island; and bottom photos is more from Cabo Roja, which is high on my list to return to. Not pictured are all the iguanas we saw at Cabo, which are apparently camera shy but vastly entertaining and go up and down those cliffs like they have glue on their feet. Every time I tried to get a photo they were over the edge and gone.