Photo of the Week: Wilmington Island, from At the Edge of the Sea


Heavily, heavily into editing my short film At the Edge of the Sea this week – my rough cut is due to my editor early next week – and my brain, it explodes. I can’t wait to make all this random footage tell an amazing story.

This is a still pulled from some shots on Wilmington Island, one of the barrier islands between Savannah and Tybee Island, where I usually stay when I go to Tybee. The sun is setting and the marsh is at it’s most beautiful at that time of day…

Aquarium Abstracts


Quick extra post this week, largely because I’m procrastinating on something else. These are from a trip to the Georgia Aquarium – they have (or at least had – I haven’t been in a while) a display with jellyfish under black light, so you could see their bioluminesence. I was playing around with the reflections of the people in the dim hall against the glowing blue windows.


A little more abstract than what I usually post, but cool. Have a great weekend…