The Return

Do you ever spend so much time prepping and planning for a trip that when you come home there’s this weird vacuum in your existence and you can’t quite figure out what to do with yourself? That was me last week.

IMG_2452 copy

However! I am now back to reality and finally starting to post some stuff from my trip to the Florida Keys. I didn’t get many pictures of the kayaking portion – the outfitter rushed us a lot, as they were trying to finish early to get on to another trip in Costa Rica – but the bike portion was spectacular. I’m already pondering doing just the kayak segment again next year, but as a series of day kayaks to make it a little easier – and to avoid the heart-stopping traverse of the 7 mile bridge (which I did my first day, and don’t ever need to do again – yikes!) If I do I will start at the south end of the Bahia Honda bridge, which is truly spectacular and where the scenery starts to get really great.


Happy Monday, and check back for more photos this week. There’s loads 🙂



En Route


Currently an hour north of Miami on my drive down to the Keys, bike/snorkel/cameras etc locked and loaded. I managed to get my packing list (top pic) organized into the three bags you see in the bottom pic – each bag goes on one portion of the trip since I have to carry everything on my back for a good bit. So all my bike stuff is in the blue bag, the kayak stuff is in the middle bag (with my rain jacket tied to the top) and some extra dry clothes for the trip up and back in the duffle. Vamanos!

Packing List


I’m starting to pack for my upcoming Keys kayaking/cycling trip. As I have to carry everything for the first 5 days (the kayak portion) on my kayak, and the first two days of the cycling bit on my back, I’m having to pare down really tightly. I’m usually a light packer, but I’m veering into cut-the-toothbrush-in-half territory (which reminds me, I haven’t packed my toothbrush…)

I’m not a fan of buying a ton of new stuff for trips, if for no reason than you don’t know how it will hold up until you’ve tested it, but for this trip I bought two Outdoor Products one-liter water bottles (these are similar, and slightly cheaper) and a headlamp for wandering around camp at night, trying not to be eaten by crocodiles. Or tripping over my own feet, which is slightly more likely.

Also on the pack list: my Cressi mask, the only mask I’ve ever had that fits my hamster-shaped face and doesn’t leak, my gopro with the dive housing and camera (I may only take the Canon camera on the biking segment) and a bright green hair scrunchie, just in case the 90’s return while I’m traveling. I am ashamed to admit how many hair scrunchies I actually own.


Not pictured: lots and lots and LOTS of sunscreen.

And it all has to fit in two daypacks… oh boy. Time to power-fold…

Countdown to the Keys

IMG_0040 copy

Entering the last few days of prep for my upcoming adventure trek in the Florida Keys! I don’t think I’ve ever planned a trip that is so much like an expedition before, even with the help of the folks of Burnham Guides, who have been kindness itself in helping me plan my trip. I am actually doing the first half of my journey with them in a small group outing, for reasons both of safety and just making the trip more manageable. I’ll have more updates as the week progresses, but for now the basics are: Six days of kayaking and camping from Marathon Key to Key West, then picking up my bike from storage and heading back north. All things being equal, by three days later I will be at mile marker 80 and will have traversed almost the entire Keys chain under human power. My tan should be spectacular.

While you’re waiting for trip updates, I just realized I forgot to mention our first PODCAST is up! It’s about the Ghost Ship of the Northumberland Strait in Nova Scotia, and you can access it on our podcast page. You should be able to download it as well, but as it’s our first stab at the podcast thing let us know if you have issues and we’ll correct them.

More to come, including our first webisode and me hopefully not being eaten by a giant marine predator while kayaking. Stay tuned!