I listened to an excellent podcast over the holidays that featured writer and blogger Derek Sivers, who talked about making a “now” page to show people what you are working on currently, and how much fun he was having seeing what other folks were doing on their blogs. As someone who has 97 projects going at all times, I loved the idea of putting your main projects on a page so people could see what you are up to, so I’m throwing my hat into the nownownow ring, and I encourage you to check out the website and see other fun blogs who’ve joined in.

As for me, I am now…

Finishing post production on my film At the Edge of The Sea, and trying to figure out the best way to get it in front of people when it’s done. Online release? Film Festivals? I’m still pondering. I’m also working on getting a stand-alone website for the film.

Starting a new webseries/podcast combo, called The Haunted Seas, which will be all about ghost stories, hauntings, and spookiness related to the ocean. I’m hoping to have the first podcast up at the end of this month.

Training for a Key Largo-to-Key West kayak/bicycling trip in April, when I hope to kayak the length of the Florida keys (current plan: north to south) and then ride my bicycle back. Update: I’ve signed up for a group kayak tour for the kayaking part of the trip, and I depart March 8th!

And doing a small personal video project called “The Joy Of Movement” which will be 10 1-minute videos of everyday athletes and what their sport means to them.

I’m sure I’ll have other nonsense rattling around, but that’s it for now – I want to work on getting these projects done before I leap into anything else.

What are you doing…now?

Updated – 3-2-2016