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Latest update: 3/3/16

The Haunted Seas: The Ghost Ship of the Northumberland Strait

Our first podcast! Join us as we explore the mysteries of the Northumberland Strait and the ghostly ship that plies her waters, appearing in a ball of flame and disappearing in a puff of smoke…

Fun show notes, if you’re interested:

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Shipwreck Listings: http://novascotia.ca/museum/wrecks/wrecks/

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Homepage: https://maritimemuseum.novascotia.ca/

Mystery ship discovered in Pictou Harbor: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/pictou-harbour-mystery-wreck-may-be-identified-1.3168283

News Reports of the last Ghost Ship sighting, in 2008: http://www.trurodaily.com/Cultural-activities/2008-02-23/article-351475/PHANTOM-SHIP-SPOTTED-BY-VISITOR/1

Fun for visitors: the ship Hector, a 3 masted cargo ship that’s now a museum: http://shiphector.com/history/

The Phenomenal Bay of Fundy (their words, not ours. But it is pretty amazing): http://bayoffundytourism.com/

Enjoy the podcast, and happy ghost hunting!