This is a sort of unexpected post, as I don’t usually go into personal depths on this blog, but hey, first time for everything, right? Above, please see my beloved Cannondale, which I ride two-three times weekly in an attempt to stay in some sort of reasonable state of fitness (you can read “reasonable” as “anything smaller than a couch”).

Last Saturday morning, my loyal steed and I were in a fairly serious accident – the details are a bit fuzzy, but it appears I swerved to miss someone/something on a crowded part of my ride, hit a curb, and was ejected over the handlebars, resulting in a face-meets-pavement impact that left unconcious and with what later turned out to be a laceration above my eye and a broken cheekbone. (And a mild concussion). I was, thank goodness, wearing a helmet, so the paramedics who swept me away did not have to put my brains back in my head before loading me into the ambulance, and I am on the road to recovery as we speak, animatedly discussing whether I should attempt to remove my own stitches to get badass points (the consensus from friends is, NO.)

So I would just like to take a moment to thank the above-mentioned paramedics, who probably saved my ass, and my friends who have rallied around to make sure my brain is back into my head as correctly as possible, and the kind fire department workers who kept my bike safe at their firehouse for five days until I was able to track it down, and… everybody, really. Including everyone who reads this blog. It makes me so happy that other people get to see my photos and enjoy them, and I wonder sometimes who gets more benefit out of that arrangement – you all, or me. Either way, thank you for being part of the fun, and I’m glad we aren’t going to be rudely interrupted just as things were getting good.

Also, at the risk of sounding like your mom, I’d like to take a moment to beg you, if you engage in a sport that has safety equipment, to wear it. Helmet, flotation device, eye protection, padded underwear – I know it’s often uncomfortable, and sometimes dorky, but I am here to tell you that it’s worth it. I bitched all the time about how sweaty my helmet made my head, but boy howdy am I glad I always wore it. Your brain, unlike your hard drive, doesn’t have a backup, so keep that sucker safe. I want to see everything you have to contribute to the world.

Okay, enough of that! Have a good weekend, everyone, and don’t fall off of anything!

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