Photo of the Week: Les Invalides

IMG_0709 copy

I had such, such high hopes about writing a comprehensive update on my film, At the Edge of the Sea, this week. Alas, I got pulled into a work trip that will cover 3200 miles in 11 days and currently has me in Lansing, Michigan for the next 12 hours before driving to Toronto, and then Toronto to Virginia on Monday. I forsee a trip to the chiropractor after this week from all the time locked in the driver’s seat.

I’ve been to Chicago, Madison, and now Lansing in the last three days, and as a (nearly) lifelong Southerner, I have to say: you people who live through the winter here, you are a strong, strong breed. My hat is off to you. But then back on again very quickly because it is so damned cold.

Don’t get me wrong, it gets down into the 20’s in Atlanta, but it does it for like 4 hours in the middle of the night. And when it snows it snows an inch and it lasts just long enough for everyone to go, “OOOOOH SNOW” and cancel school, and then poof! gone. How do y’all resist the urge to just eat macaroni and cheese for two weeks and then hibernate til spring? Because that is what I want to do and I’ve only been here since Tuesday.

Anyway, while I am lame and shivery, I will work on my movie update, and in the meantime enjoy this photo of sunset over Les Invalides in Paris. Ironically taken on a snowy day, but you can’t see that, so you’ll just have to imagine me shivering and complaining there.

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