Photo of the Week: Window View


It’s rainy and cool in Atlanta today, so today’s photo is from a rainy walk thru Paris a couple of years ago, taken inside the Carnavalet Museum out into the gardens. I love how the old, thick glass has sagged and shifted, giving an otherworldly quality to the view.

I hadn’t thought of it until just this moment, but the end of the year is rather like the view thru a window – everything narrows down to the rush of the holidays and the anxious peeping into the new year (activities! resolutions!) and waiting, fretfully, for the turn of the calendar. And as I was writing this, planning to use some cliche about the new year being the moment that the window finally opens, I realized how restricting and confining that is.

So don’t wait for some moment on a calendar, or a Monday, or for the stars to align just right for you to take some chances and create your own – what? life? art? being? Let’s just call it your awesome.

Because the time is always right for that.

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