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Sun over Sea Oats, Outer Banks, North Carolina

A weird week at the CH batcave – had a large project that fell thru that’s left me kind of rattled. Ironically I wasn’t interested in the project for it’s own sake, but it meant a lot of work for my crew, who I’m very protective of (my partner constantly complains, “too much so!”). When people work hard for you, though, how do you not be bothered when they lose out on work they’d planned on? Arrrgh.

Currently trying to decide if I should bag the week and just head to the beach, so I can stare at the ocean until my head clears, or jump back into the fray and try to pick up some other personal projects where I dropped them to take the now-evaporated commercial gig.  I’m remembering how fortunate I am that I can say something like, “This job’s not for me, it’s for my crew,” because there have been many times where that hasn’t been the case, and probably will be again.   So I’m slowly coming around to the “jump back in” side of the argument, but it won’t take much to sway me back to the beach side… 

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