I pulled this photo this morning to do this entry, because I love the way the statue is so crisp against the soft, bright stone of the building behind it. I didn’t realize until I went to re-size it that there is a huge piece of netting on the stone wall at the corner where they are repairing the stonework. Arrgh.

Something made me keep it in though – it sort of crystalizes my mood today. I’m in the middle of moving, and everytime I look up from one of my (many) boxes, I find something else that needs doing/fixing/attending to.  There’s a lot of stuff we missed on our first look around, and now we need to make some adjustments so the house can be exactly what we want.

So this photo reminds me that things can be pretty, and pretty good, even if they aren’t perfect. Which makes it perfect, in it’s own way.

Photo: Statue outside Louvre Museum, Paris. Copyright Tracey Brower, 2009

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