Photo of the Week: the Quick Like a Bunny edition

view to sea



This is a short and sweet entry, as I am suddenly realizing that my upcoming trip to see friends in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is coming up in ten days and I have done exactly zero planning, and today I found out I am flying to Kansas City next Wednesday. Hope Delta doesn’t lose my luggage this time.

Halifax looks fun, though, and will hopefully get me out of the godawful Georgia heat for a week. I’m ending up my trip in Montreal and flying back from there, so I’ll get a nice cross section of Eastern Canadian-isms. (My flight to Halifax includes a hotly anticipated two-hour layover in Detroit, which is a cross-section I could do without.)

Photo! This is from Puerto Rico, the view north out of the El Yunque Rainforest (only rainforest that is part of the USA! Go see it!) down through the mist to the coast, which you can just see in the distance. If you are going to IslaVieques – and you should be, right now, and if I weren’t going to Halifax I’d go with you – the entrance to the rain forest is on the right hand side of Highway 3, right before Luquillo. That’s right, the only American rain forest has a drive-thru! Because that’s how we roll. Literally in this case.

Go there. You’ll thank me.

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