Photo of The Week: Abridged Edition




Photo of the Week: Savannah’s Talmadge Bridge.

This bridge went up a few years ago, and a lot – A LOT – of people hated it, because they felt it didn’t match Savannah’s older, antebellum style. I’ve always liked it though – it seems spidery and ethereal, and glitters in the sun like something made of a delicate, precious metal (Elven technology?) rather than boring old iron and steel. I suspect that years from now, once it’s had some time to settle, people will feel about it the way they feel about I.M. Pei’s Pyramid at the Louve – a shocking contrast to the setting, yes, but beautiful in it’s own right, and somehow fitting for the space.

That being said, this bridge is almost impossible to photograph well – the area around it is kind of cluttered and there’s no good sightlines, like you see in some of the famous night photos of bridges in New York or San Franciso – and I am really stoked (do people still say stoked? Am I a complete dork here?) that I got such a good shot, by taking an excursion boat out to the middle of the river. Thinking outside the box, you see. Or the boat. Whatever.


Finally! The definitive photo of the Talmadge Bridge. Let the haters hate.

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