The Friday Wrap-Up… March Madness Edition



Is it Friday already? Gah. This week’s story is still in the draft stages, so you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for that, but in the meantime here’s some odds n’ ends for the past week:

– Is that picture above not the worst photo ever? Admit it, you think that’s a paparazzi outtake, and Lindsay Lohan is behind that bush somewhere. But no. That, my friends, is a PHOTO OF HOPE. Because it’s a photo of the first bloom on the Bradford pear trees, which I saw last night on my way home from seeing Shane at the Plaza Theatre. And when the pear trees bloom, spring is officially on the way – groundhog or not. So suck it, Winter!

– and in an additional note, that kid in Shane? Most annoying child actor ever.

– Just finished reading “Your New Sailboat – Choosing it, Using it” by the excellent and prone-to-rhyming editors of Chapman Piloting, and I can tell you what I’ve learned: I’m never buying a sailboat. I would be better off calling up Richard Branson and negotiating for a used spaceship.

– My friend Vere and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the traditional fashion, eating dinner in a Cuban restaurant. What? Mojitos are green.

– My boyfriend announced he wants us to take fencing lessons. He was an all-state fencer in high school. Why do I feel this will end badly?

– And looking ahead to summer vacation (in case I don’t get stabbed) I just cashed in all of my frequent flyer miles and am going on an “adventure” in July. I always think of them as “adventures”, rather than “vacations”, because a “vacation” implies you will come home not racked with parasites or bitten by a poisonous snake. And why court disappointment? Nobody was more shocked than me when Delta actually agreed to accept their own frequent flyer miles, but apparently it’s an early Easter miracle. I’ll pony up more details as we get closer, but if you want to play pin-the-tail-on-the-globe, here’s your first hint: I’m going to a country with a very large jungle in it, that’s named after an online bookstore.

Or is it the other way around?

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