The First Every Constant Holiday Give-Away!





Update: This contest is now closed!

I recently ordered a book from the lovely people at Smoky Mountain Books, called “How To Travel Practically Anywhere – The Ultimate Planning Guide” by Susan Stellan, published in 2006. I am a big fan of the theory that planning the trip is half the fun – I am really not happy unless I am surrounded by lists and maps and post-its and pictures, puzzling out a new destination – and somehow, being me and able to mess up the simplest thing, including an internet order, I managed to order two copies. The nice people at SMB’s, who cannot recognize senility when they see it, obligingly sent me two copies.

Now, as much as I looooooove planning, I cannot use two books. Even a person as lazy as I am cannot see leaving one copy in the den and one in the kitchen to save the effort of carrying it from room to room. (Though I considered it.) SO! I have decided to put it to good use: it will be the prize in the first ever Constant Holiday Giveaway!

All you have to do to enter is put a note in my comments or send me an email telling me your favorite vacation EVER. How easy is that? A caveman could do it. And I will pick a winner, totally at random, because everything else in my life is random, so why not this?

So comment away, or send an email to, and get to winning!

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