And the Award for Friday Wrap-up Goes to…. Tuesday

korean bbq


Yeah, I know. Late again. I’d like to say that I’m doing constructive things, but mostly I’m eating and getting sand out of my luggage, so don’t waste that sympathy. Save it for poor James Cameron. Heh.

To the (late) Friday wrap up!

– we returned from our trip to Puerto Rico in one piece, and with a minimum of awkardly located sunburns, a key metric in how much you enjoy your vacation, I think

– I met an amazing photographer, who I am hoping to do lots of work with in the future, named Pat McDonnell, You should check him out here:

– my friend Amy and I went to Hae Doon Wae Korean bbq last week, and it was scrumptious. I have this game I play where I go to a different foreign food joint each week, partially to expand my palate and partially to annoy my boyfriend. The less recognizable the food the happier I am (though I passed on the barbequed tripe). Pictured above, the wreckage of our table.

– I also went to the Bookstore in Atlanta and had Duck Breast with mushroom risotto, which was so good I may have to let Jason, my buddy who recommended both the restaurant and the dish, date my sister. Her husband may mind, though. Jason, you can date my mom.

– Katheryn Bigelow! You go girl. Anyone who gives us Bodi deserves an Oscar.

– Please, PLEASE go to , website of the excellent writer Diane Vadino, who is Bunnyshop, one of my favorite travel and fashion blogs. She has audio excerpts from her last book, Smart Girls Like Me, up now, and is putting up excerpts of what looks to be a hilarious book about her Mongolian adventure, which I am still jealous of. Check it out.

– I just found out how to add multiple photos to my blog. Watch out, world.

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