Updates… No, Really! I swear!

Soooo… been a little slacadasical on the blog front, which is interesting because I’ve been traveling like nobody’s business, at least up til 6 weeks ago when work slowed down and now I’m apparently unemployed for the rest of my life. So I’ve been sitting at home for six weeks, and all I’ve got to show for it is raging cabin fever.

But! Before that, I was interesting, I was employed, I was I veritable Pepper Potz of coolness, if not with such nice hair, but we can dream. And so in the last year I went to: The Grand Canyon (big), Montana (cold), Spain (hot), San Francisco (hilly), Boston (revolutionary), and Puerto Rico (salsa!).

So there. Now we’re all up to date. I feel better.

Kidding. Real stories and updates to come.

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