The Best News I’ve had today

San Francisco has a Pirate Store!

Oh, like there wasn’t enough reason to go already. They may not have Bacon Ice Cream, but this may be even better, especially since I was cruelly denied a visit to Charleston’s pirate store in the spring, due to their “We claim to be a pirate store but really we’re a money laundering front” opening hours policy, which basically meant they were open for half an hour a day. Bloody lubbers.

But I’m verrrry excited about this new pirate store sighting, can’t wait to go. They even sell “pirate perfumes!” I wonder what THAT smells like? Because frankly, pirates look like they should smell of dirty leather and unwashed hair, and possibly bad teeth. No Matter. Even more tantallizing is this quote, stolen – er, pillaged – directlly from their website:

“And stop by 826 Valencia, Eggers’ writing center/pirate store. David Byrne says it is “one of the top five pirate stores I’ve been to recently.”

There are more than five Pirate Stores?

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