San Fran Countdown, and Tybee Island

So only 12 days till my trip to San Francisco, which means it’s time to start eating up all the food stored up in the cabinets, which would probably survive nuclear fallout, and stop spending money, because SF looks expensive. But I’m very excited, and if I can just stay out of Target I will be ok.

Just to keep my hand in, since I haven’t been anywhere on a pleasure trip since Spain in the spring, the man and I went to Savannah/Tybee Island for a quick beach trip. We had a hotel right on the beach – the fabulously ratty Desoto Beach Resort – and we spent two days swimming, lounging, making picnic lunches in our room, and in my case getting horribly sunburned on my back, due to my cunning deciscion to spare my face from the evil of UV rays. Possibly sunscreen on all exposed portions of the body would be better. Possibly I should consider spending my time laying on the beach enclosed in a tent. Maybe next time.

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