Naughty, Naughty

You know how some people can’t resist a sale? Maybe it’s a sale on shoes (mea culpa, mea culpa), or clothes, or day old bread (pointless, in my opinion). Whatever. You know the feeling… I don’t need it, I don’t have room for it, oh, it’s on sale? I’ll take two.

Well, I’m kind of that way with traveling. I am on every airfare pricewatch list known to man, including the aptly named Airfare Watchdog, and the excellent Kayak (please fix your site so it will stop crashing my Safari, guys), even though they all have basically the same lists, and I get emails and notices from them all, which I peruse greedily each morning before (while?) I start work.

And last week – paydirt! Airtran Airways – love Airtran, and they are based in my hometown of Atlanta – had a sale on flights to San Francisco. 278 dollars, round trip, non stop. Love non stop. Whip out the Visa, press “submit”.

So hey! It looks like San Fran in four weeks. Just a quick trip – 5 nights, 4 days – time enough to do some whale watching, visit the famous farmer’s market (mmmmm….) sing a bit of Tony Bennet in a kareoke bar. Perhaps I’ll just do that in my head.

The City by the Bay awaits!

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