I’m on a job in North Carolina for a few days, and my favorite part of coming up here is the opportunity to – I think “glut” myself is the word I’m looking for – on barbeque. As mentioned in a previous post, I just spent two weeks in Spain, and despite the delicious food there, I came home insane for American food. Chicken wings especially. And barbeque. Oh, God, barbeque. I don’t want to get all Anthony Bourdain on you here, but honestly, pigs can die happy, knowing that they are serving a nobler end.

In Georgia we have the sweeter, more tomato-y sauces, but in North Carolina they do a thin, vinegar based sauce that is very tangy and delicious. We’ve been here for one full day and have already had a great barbeque meal at Mama Dip’s in Chapel Hill, where the chopped pork is smooth and delicious, with one of the best vinegar based sauces I’ve had. Highly reccomended. Skip the subpar sweet potato biscuits, and make up the calories with extra pork or the equally tasty fried chicken.

Two more days, so 4 more opportunities for NC-style que. Unless we start eating it for breakfast. Not, really, all that farfetched…

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