Photo of the Day: Peony


Don’t forget to check out my video teaser posted Saturday if you missed it.

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Video Teaser! At the Edge of the Sea

Short video teaser for my webseries At the Edge of the Sea, from Episode One, where we spent a day with JB, one of the last independent shrimpers on Tybee Island. Working on getting the full episode out soon.


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Photo of the day: Utila Sky


From the ferry departing Utila for the mainland at the end of my trip.

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Photo of the Day: Shrimping

Detail from a portion of At The Edge Of The Sea, which I’m currently back working on. We had so much good footage and interesting stories that we decided to make it a four-part series, instead of a short film, and put it out that way. So watch this space for updates!


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Last minute

Election day street art


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Photo of the Day: Tattoo


Older image from when I still did figure studies, instead of travel and landscape work. I found this while searching my files for another picture and decided to bring it out, even though it doesn’t quite match the other work here. Shot on film, no less!


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