Photos: Electric

Decatur has a new series of street art (I hope it’s officially sanctioned so these pieces stay up and don’t get painted over) that turns the dull green electrical boxes on every corner into whimsical street art:

The top two are by an artist with the intials LEC and the bottom I don’t think has a signature, so if you know either of them please let me know so I can give them proper credit and maybe link to some of their other art!

Also wanted to share this one which I put on my instagram a while back. Unbelievably, this piece was painted over just days after it was completed – it was a commissioned piece but then the building was sold and the new owners painted it out. Such a shame. It’s by popular Atlanta artist Catlanta and you can check his other work out here


And please check out my instagram as well. More street art, travel stuff, and general nattering.



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So far today I have:

Seen the LOUDEST graphics on a truck, ever;


Inadvertently entered my own car in the “You Park Like an Asshole” sweepstakes;


And seen a rainbow. Which was quite nice.



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More fun with street art this week – details from larger pieces in East Atlanta.



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Photo of the Week: All you need

Late entry in the “Street Art Saturday” department…



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Keys Photos, Part Two

More photos from my recent trip to the Florida Keys… be sure to check the other installment here.

IMG_2456 copy

Sunset at Geiger Key, at the campground where we stayed the last night of the kayaking portion



And morning over the grass flats somewhere north of the Saddle Keys.


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The Return

Do you ever spend so much time prepping and planning for a trip that when you come home there’s this weird vacuum in your existence and you can’t quite figure out what to do with yourself? That was me last week.

IMG_2452 copy

However! I am now back to reality and finally starting to post some stuff from my trip to the Florida Keys. I didn’t get many pictures of the kayaking portion – the outfitter rushed us a lot, as they were trying to finish early to get on to another trip in Costa Rica – but the bike portion was spectacular. I’m already pondering doing just the kayak segment again next year, but as a series of day kayaks to make it a little easier – and to avoid the heart-stopping traverse of the 7 mile bridge (which I did my first day, and don’t ever need to do again – yikes!) If I do I will start at the south end of the Bahia Honda bridge, which is truly spectacular and where the scenery starts to get really great.


Happy Monday, and check back for more photos this week. There’s loads🙂



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En Route


Currently an hour north of Miami on my drive down to the Keys, bike/snorkel/cameras etc locked and loaded. I managed to get my packing list (top pic) organized into the three bags you see in the bottom pic – each bag goes on one portion of the trip since I have to carry everything on my back for a good bit. So all my bike stuff is in the blue bag, the kayak stuff is in the middle bag (with my rain jacket tied to the top) and some extra dry clothes for the trip up and back in the duffle. Vamanos!

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